I worked with Jared Carter for over six years.  He was a great personal trainer--helped to keep my over sixty body moving well and with no pain.  Actually, I lost over 60 pounds which I needed to lose during those years and my knees (which were a sore point) felt great...Throughout the training session, Jared would insure I was doing the exercises correctly, check that my knees were not hurting, and keep a well-paced dialogue going so I was not obsessing over a "work out".  He was great for this uncoordinated exercise-hating woman who knew she needed to do this.  I would wear my favorite t-shirt with "this working out is not working out" emblazoned on my shirt and feel the muscle burn of a good workout, and I enjoyed it!
I have actually hired another trainer since Jared moved to Florida!  This is definitely a compliment to his work.
-Sue W, Philadelphia, PA
I began training with Jared a little more than five years ago.  Jared’s approach to training coupled with his personal approach was a huge plus for me.  I was very pleased with my progress during the first two years.  Then an accidental fall which resulted in four broken ribs and a fractured vertebra sidelined me for six months and severely restricted my physical activity.  As soon as my orthopedist gave the OK I began training with Jared again.  After three months of work Jared said to me during a workout, “Do you realize that you are back to the level you were at before your fall?”  Without Jared’s patient and professional approach to my rehab I am convinced that, in all likelihood,  I would be a semi-invalid today.  I am enormously grateful to him and cannot recommend him too strongly.
George F, Ph.D. (Philadelphia, PA)
Jared is a fabulous trainer, organized, efficient, knowledgeable and truly loves what he does! He taught me how to effectively workout while making sure I understood how to do the exercises safely. He worked around my busy always changing schedule, my personal goals and we always had fun!
Colleen D (Philadelphia, PA)
      I've been meaning to email you since the holidays. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed working with you and to thank you for getting me back on track with working out again. I do feel so much better!
     I will really miss our training sessions and our conversations. I must say, I was feeling very sad that you left, but I know you will be near your family and your wife's family, and that is very important.

    I am doing well and have decided to continue working out with another trainer. Thought about going it alone, but I feel I need the motivation that you provided.

   Although I know how busy you will be settling in and getting started again, please try to stay in touch. If I get down that way to visit my best friend, or any other reason, I will let you know in advance. Once again, thanks for everything!!
Bill C (Philadelphia, PA)
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